Belgian IPv6 event

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In September 2003, ULB/VUB organized, with the support of the European Commission (DG Entreprise and DG Information Society) and in collaboration with ETSI, three simultaneous events in the field of IPv6 and the New Internet: the International Workshop on IPv6 Testing, Certification and Market Acceptance, the ETSI Plugtests event and the Eurov6 project Showcase. This took place at Hotel Le Plaza in central Brussels with very great success. Native IPv6 connectivity was provided by BELNET.


The Workshop drew 120 participants from Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and USA; 60 more people participated in the Plugtests and about 50 visitors came to the Showcase; more information can be obtained on the site




The Brussels IPv6 Showcase was organized in close collaboration with our Eurov6 project partners: CONSULINTEL, ERICSSON, TELSCOM, and in synergy with the NGN-LAB and 6NET projects. The whole event was supported by the IPv6 Forum.

ULB/VUB and the Eurov6 Partners demonstrated native IPv6 Multicast Videoconference tools (VIC, RAT, SDR, ISABEL), VideoLAN, Windows Media Server and Player, Three Degrees, Web server (Apache2 on Linux), DNS (Bind-9.2.1 on Linux), SSH (PuTTY on Windows 2000 and OpenSSH on Linux), Home automation system, etc. We also had active participation and support from 6WIND, ALCATEL, JUNIPER, PANASONIC and XYBERNAUT.

This event has built on the successful relations established since the beginning of the Eurov6 project with a number of Asian partners, namely the IPv6 Promotion Council of Japan, the 6TNET group in P.R. China, and the IPv6 Fora in Korea and Taiwan.

High-level representatives from these countries came to Brussels, as well as a strong delegation from the Chinese Internet Society. A representative of the Government of India was also present, with the intention to establish more formal relations in the nearby future, with an eye on the forthcoming EuroIndia event in March 2004.