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Home environment

In the home environment, one can be in the perfect IPv6 world. For example, you do not have to think of using food before it goes bad: Net refrigerator informs you which food is fresh, how much you have in stock and indeed orders food on your behalf from the supermarket. It also downloads recipes from cooking websites and controls Net microwave ovens and IH cooking heaters, so a wonderful dinner can be served. Through mobile devices, you can even control room lights, air conditioners and VCRs.

Business premise

There are multiple audio/video and multimedia applications with a peer-to-peer connection without any network and address translation having the features of QoS, security (Authentication), seamless service operation such as multiple access services, sharing of workspace across distributed teams, … Applications and services such as Voice over IP and Videoconferencing over IP (eg. the ISABEL system) would constitute prime demonstrators.

Mobile environment

Cars will more and more have Internet connectivity and hence represent a permanent ‘always-on’ network scenario on the move, so that the virtual office can always be where the person is located. Eurov6 will seek to approach European car manufacturers in order to demonstrate their prototypes.

Mobile terminals

Different kinds of mobile terminals with IPv6 addresses allocated; mobile IPv6 applications demonstrating real-time features of IPv6 such as ‘voice over IP’, video and music on demand, etc., besides data applications that are well known.

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