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  1. Develop a concept of IPv6 Showcase with a range of devices, network subsystems, applications and connectivity to different user premises or demo centers.
  2. Identify the vendors and their products for availability and their usability in the scenario so developed.
  3. Establish contacts to key marketing people through the IPv6 Task Force (European and others), IPv6 Forum, IPv6 Cluster, different IST project partners (6LINK, NGNLAB, 6WINIT, GEANT, 6NET, and Euro6IX, among others), the Commission services, and any other available options that we can consider during the project life.
  4. Plan a stable network and applications scenarios from the users point of view (simplicity and straightforwardness) so that the features are visible and not the complex networking issues.
  5. Identify the locations of a few permanent showrooms, where the demonstrations are generally available round the year and special demos targeted to particular types of visitors that can be arranged at short notice. Obvious candidates are Brussels and Basel, which constitute the NGN-LAB infrastructure as well as Madrid because of the involvement of CONSULINTEL in Euro6IX.
  6. Get the sponsoring of connectivity, devices, systems and services, applications from the vendors and ISPs for integrating the system.
  7. Build a prototype demo system and maintain it, including packaging and documentation.
  8. Build a plan to illustrate different aspects of IPv6 remotely from some networked centers around Europe and help the local personnel of different centers to develop their own user manuals.
  9. Plan to take the demo Showcase to different events (including INTEROP) and other international exhibits.
  10. Provide a living IPv6 Internet environment in such events with active participation in these events.
  11. Define appropriate information dissemination and public relations policy, as well as relations with the press and the media, and conduct the corresponding activities.
  12. Establish a project web site, which will describe the package and its availability, list the forthcoming information dissemination events and report about the previous ones.
  13. Include the sponsors in the web site, in order to reward their contribution and increase their participation.